A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort


Traveling to Michigan? How about knowing a place where you may be able to spend have a remarkably exceptional time? Good idea! If you are traveling to Michigan, then you must stay at A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort for many good reasons.

It is one of those resorts where you will be able to enjoy a great atmosphere with spectacular 36 holes of championship golf. However, the availability of golf is not he only thing as you can find an astonishingly serene atmosphere which will really to make you relax. Along with having a terrific location, this resort has some of the best people to help you in all respects. You will always find them friendly and that’s an important thing to consider before staying in a resort.

In terms of amenities and services, you will not be regretted as well. You will be able to find all essential facilities in your villas and condos. All of them come with a great decoration. In resort, you will also be able to find Torch Lake flowing just nearby. As a whole, this resort is a combination of some united pharmacy canada sildenafil order viagra uk +85 extraordinary service and amenities that ensures the highest level of comfort.


A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort

627 Ag-A-Ming Dr.

Kewadin, MI 49648

Phone: 231-264-5081

Toll Free: 800-678-0122

Fax: 231-264-5207

E-mail: info@a-ga-ming.com

Website: http://www.a-ga-ming.com


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Adrian College – History, Athletics, Campus and Alumni

Adrian College – History, Athletics, Campus and Alumni

Adrian College is a prestigious coed liberal arts school situated in Adrian city, Michigan. The institution has come a long way since it establishment in 1859, educating multitudes of minds in the most efficient way possible.

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The kind of programs

and majors offered by this institution is a gateway ensuring the brightest future for students.

Adrian College has rightly justified the concept of education. It has opened various doors to the vast abyss of knowledge and wisdom.

This institution also maintains a close relation with the United Methodist Church.

Image of Adrian College


Adrian College is located in the city of Adrian at Michigan. This institution is at a distance of approximately 45 minutes from Toledo, Ohio and Ann Arbor. If traveling from Detroit it would take one a duration of 90 minutes to reach the college.

Adrian College History

The history of this institution in actuality dates back to 1845 when it operated as a theological institute. Wesleyan Methodists had founded the institution at Leoni in Michigan. By the year of 1855 the institute combined with another Methodists school to form what came to be known as the Michigan Union College.

Adrian College was formally established in the year of 1859 when Michigan Union College handed over its assets to Adrian and shut down for good. The Michigan Legislature had officially chartered the institution on the glorious day of March 28, 1859. Abolitionist, Asa Mahan was assigned to be the first honorable President of the institution.

History has it that Adrian College had also played a small but important role in the history of the American Civil War. The institution had served as a base thereby aiding the establishment of the Michigan regiments representing the Union side. In fact the now Valade Hall building rests on the site that had served earlier as a base camp for the soldiers of the American Civil War.

The year of 2009 was an eventful year in the history of Adrian College with the institution celebrating 150 glorious years of existence. The Class of 2009 presented its tribute to the institution in a special manner, in the form of a time capsule comprising of newspapers and technological findings of the present generation. This capsule that has been buried beside the clock tower shall be opened after another 50 years.

Adrian College Athletics

Adrian College boasts of being home to one of the strongest and best athletic teams in the nation. The cheapest uk viagra home teams known as buy cialis viagra the ‘Bulldogs’ is a recognized member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III as well as the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

Varsity sports of almost every type are available for athletes of Adrian College. Football, basketball, cross-country, golf, ice-hockey, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, track & field and baseball are the featured sports for men. Meanwhile women can participate in basketball, bowling, cheerleading, cross-country, golf, ice-hockey, softball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, synchronized skating, dance team, tennis, track & field and volleyball. This college is among the few colleges in Michigan to be home www.atoledo.com to a women’s hockey team.

Picture of Adrian College Athletics

The defeat of 1892 with Hillsdale College was enough to trigger the football spirits of Adrian. Ever since then, the Bulldogs football team has brought home 16 conference title.

The men’s NCAA hockey team represents the institution

in the Midwest Collegiate Hockey Association in Division III.

Furthermore the college has a highly efficient and responsible training department too. The well-being, safety and personal development of the athletes’ has always been the foremost priority of this department.

Adrian College Programs and Majors

Adrian College in Michigan, offers one of the most intensive programs and majors in the country. The programs have been formulated and designed by the best minds in the academia ensuring maximum growth of students.

Students can choose from more than 40 majors along with excellent pre-professional programs that are offered by the institution. Educates can also opt for minors in subject areas like Public Relations, Women’s Studies and Computer Information Systems.

Pre-professional programs like Pre-art Therapy, Pre-engineering, Pre-health Science, Pre-seminary and Pre- Law shape the students’ personality and intellect in every dimension required.

Moreover the institutes of Adrian College aid students in the specialization of particular areas, in the best way possible. There are also ample opportunities and provisions provided by the college for students to study abroad.


The sprawling 100 acre campus aptly compliments the greatness of this institution. It comprises of buildings that are both new as well as old. Infrastructure inspired by modern design adorns the college campus.

Some of the historic buildings like Downs Hall home to the Theatre Department have now become a heritage of the institution.

Adrian College Alumni

Adrian College Alumni Photo

Some of the most talked about personalities are known to be a part of the Adrian College Alumnus. The Adrian College alumnus has an endless list of

sports stars, business icons, Supreme Court members and political figures who have made the nation swell with pride. Legendary names of the sports world like MLB pitcher Rube Kisinger and All-American halfback John Maulbetsch have been associated with the institution. Adrian College have outshined in the political arena too. Some of the famous political figures include US Senator Lucien Baker, Virgil Bernero, president of Miami and Certified Financial Planner Deena Katz, former Republican James Laird, Mike Rogers and Henry C Smith.

Moreover the CEO of La-Z-Boy, Kurt Darrow was also an ex-student of the institution.

Adrian College Admissions

There is an online application form available for all domestic students seeking admissions in the college. Please note that there is also a printable form for students to download.

There is a different application form for International students. For further information please log onto the official website of Adrian College.

Adrian College has educated and inspired many generations producing individuals who are not only successful but are honorable and responsible citizens of society as a whole.

Contact Details

Adrian College

110 S. Madison Street

Adrian, MI 49221

Telephone: 1-800-877-2246

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Alma College

Alma College is a reputed liberal arts college belonging to the city of Alma, Michigan. This private institution believes in nurturing the potential of students and educating them in the best way possible. The college offers four year bachelo

r degrees in 28 majors, introducing students to a wonderful learning experience.

Alma College boasts of an enrollment of almost 1400 students, while also being recognized as a member by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

It has an excellent faculty that guides students towards discovering their talents and potential in an environment which encourages new ideas, intellect and creativity.

This college allows students to explore the magical route to innumerable opportunities and transforms them into successful and responsible people of the society. Alma College is undoubtedly worthy to have been selected among the 240 institutions nationwide in the Colleges of Distinction Guidebook.

Alma College Picture


Alma College is situated in the small city of Alma at the heart of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The city enjoys a scarce population of approximately 9000. You will find that the college campus is only a block and half west from downtown Alma.

Alma College can be reached via US 127 if you are traveling from north or south. However if you are traveling from the east or the west you are recommended to take Route 46.

Transportation facilities by bus, train and air are available. Please log onto the official website for more information.

Alma College History

Alma College in Michigan has a rich history that traces its way back to the late 1880s. The college is said to have been established by Michigan Presbyterians in the year of 1886. Its establishment was further nurtured by a strong financial support from the legendary lumber baron of Michigan Ammi Wright.

Alma College promotes a liberal environment that acknowledges and respects the different religious backgrounds of every individual student. The college has a strong relationship with the Presbyterian Church.


The 125 acre campus of Alma College aptly compliments the small town – like background of the city of Alma. The overall campus has been subdivided into North campus and South campus. Most of the campus buildings are to be found in the North campus. As such the bigger section of buildings comprising of the dormitory residences, student life building and academic buildings belong to the North campus.

However it is the South campus that has been adorned with the beautiful so called ‘New Dorms’ or suite-style mansions and smart apartment- like Wright Hall. A number of themed houses including ‘Sorority Row’ (Superior Street) as well as ‘Fraternity Row’ (Centre Street) can be traced in the South campus.

Half of these buildings of the campus can be regarded as a part of the college architectural heritage, dating back the period of 1956 – 1980. This period also marked the tenure of Robert D. Swanson in honor of whom the chief academic building has been named.

Some of the edifices like Oscar.E Remick Heritage Centre, Hogan Physical Education Centre, Alan .J Stone Academic Centre and Colina Library Wing are new additions to the campus of Alma College.

Apart from the main campus, Alma College is also known to own a sprawling 180 acre land, attributed as the ecological research area. This area is situated in Vestaburg.

Alma College Programs and Majors

Alma College offers students a host of conventional majors and programs to choose from. The college offers a four year degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science, [][] Some types of soluble s bind to bile acids in the small intestine, making them less likely to re-enter the body; this in turn lowers cholesterol levels in the blood from the actions of cytochrome P450-mediated oxidation of cholesterol. Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts.

This college believes in nurturing the individuality of students. As such at Alma College, students also have this incredible opportunity of creating and studying what is called a Program of Emphasis (POE). In a Program of Emphasis students are guided by faculty mentors in the making of their own exclusive majors. POE gives students the freedom to choose courses that may belong to a number of different departments and thereby merge them with the internships. Last recorded POEs have included diverse majors like Anthropology, Nonprofit Management, Social Justice and even Foreign Service

New majors specializing in the field of Environmental Studies, New Media Studies, Biotechnology and Health Care Administration have made it to the featured list of majors offered by the college.

Students will also enjoy the wonderful experience of taking part in Pre-Professional Programs like Pre-Dental and Pre-Medical studies etc. Such Pre-Professional

Programs play a vital role in preparing the students for their future careers.

However, students can also opt for Academic Minors in American studies, Christian playertatilah.com education, environmental studies, new media studies, women’s studies, cognitive science, art history and public health.


Alma College is proud to be home to an athletics team that represents the college in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division III. Athletics and sports forms an integral part of the student life of Alma College with almost one third of them active in sports. The Alma College This is why I am now very focused on distributing superfood that are rich in naturally occuring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and DNA that give us results fast. athletic teams are popularly known as ‘Scots’.

The Alma College is known to provide eleven (11) varsity athletic programs each for men and women. It fosters sports like football, baseball, tennis, cross country, lacrosse and much more. Men and women’s lacrosse, men’s wrestling and women’s bowling were contributed to the list of varsity sports in October 2010.

The college boasts of an excellent Athletic Training Program that successfully caters to the potential and requirements of student athletes in every possible way. Participation of student athletes in intercollegiate athletics is highly encouraged to promote an environment of healthy competition. Moreover the Athletic Training Program also has special focus in areas related to first aid, counseling on treatment options, follow up and rehabilitation and injuries that can be caused by athletics. In other words, health and safety of student athletes is vital for the college’s training program.

Picture of Alma College

Alma College Faculty

Alma College features an efficient faculty with the best doctorate professors across the state. Some of the celebrated names among the faculty staff include David L. Clark, Nicholas J. Dixon, Reid Knox Professor of History, William W. Palmer, Will Nichols, B. Cameron Reed, Scott Messing and many others.

Alma College Alumni

Some of the most popular and successful names are known to be associated with the Alma College Alumni. This college is proud to have produced big personalities in every sphere be it sports, art, drama or academics. The prestigious list of Alma College Alumni includes footballer Joe Magidsohn, NFL coach George Allen, NCAA All American footballer Bob Devaney , MLB

player Jim Northrub, renowned poet Jim Daniels, U.S House of Representative Dan Scripps and famous writer and party organizer Thomas William Davey. In fact U.S House of representative Gary Peters along with the former navy Secretary Frank Knox who had also once been nominated as a Republican vice presidential candidate belong to the Alma College Alumni family.

Alma College Bookstore

Please log on to the official website for details on the college bookstore.

Image of Alma College

Alma College Admissions

Students will find the admission procedure of Alma College not only simple but extremely convenient as well. Online application is available on the official website. For more convenience students can join the college website by creating their own individual accounts and get updated about the latest programs and schemes offered by the college.

Students are also encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Students (FARSA) in order to avail the $500 FAFSA Filling Award. Please log onto the official website for more information.

You can also visit the college directly or call the Admissions office at 1-800-321-ALMA for more information.

Alma College educates students to become good individuals and lead a life of purpose.

Contact Details

614 W. Superior Street


Michigan – 48801

Phone Number: 989-463-7111

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Amway Grand Plaza, Michigan

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, also known as the Pantlind Hotel, at Grand Rapids in Michigan is one of the heavenly indoor destinations one could only think of getting and experience much more when is there in person.


Exquisite glass tower, luxurious suites and rooms, lavish spas and salons, classy dinning outlets, cafeterias, cozy bars, banquets to make those precious occasions memorable forever, conference rooms for elegant corporate meetings, and a superb room service making the guests feel royal during their stay at the hotel, Amway Grand Plaza has it all and even more on the platter to treat the guests with.

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel was found in 1913 and then completely renovated and came up with its makeover in 1981 with the credit being paid to Marvin DeWinter & Associates for its make over and the brand new 29 storied glass tower. Originally designed by the Warren and Wetmore inspired by the English Adams architectural technique, and was ranked as one of the 10 finest hotels in America. The gold leaf ceiling of the Pantlind lobby is a fine architecture and a treat to the eyes.

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An Accommodating State

-300×213.jpg” alt=”Doubletree Hotel Dearborn” width=”300″ height=”213″ />

Doubletree Hotel Dearborn

Though, all of the states in USA offer some amazing facilities in terms of accommodation, but, Michigan will always be considered as one of the best. You can find lots of hotels, resorts, cottages, apartments and multitude of other options to accommodate yourself in Michigan.

In Detroit, you must consider staying at Doubletree Hotel Dearborn as it can easily be considered as one of the best in terms of location and standard of services. You can find a room of your choice with all sorts of decoration from 347 rooms. Surely, this is one of the best options in terms of accommodation in Detroit. In Detroit, you can also stay at MGM Grand Detroit or Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center as both of them offer an enhanced level of services.

Along with Michigan, Traverse City can Above the disk justin-bieber-news.info worked with producers and writers from their debut release (including with Tricky Stewart & The-Dream and Midi Mafia), and with several new, including such as Bryan-Michael Cox and The Stereotypes. also provide you lots of accommodation options. Tamarack Lodge, Grand Beach Resort Hotel and Cherry Tree Condo Hotel are the options that can be chosen by you.

It is obligatory to mention that you can find accommodation according to your budget constraints. Along with some expensive hotels, you can easily find some budget hotels as well. So, you will always be presented some amazing options to get accommodated in Michigan.

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